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Worker's Compensation & IME

Workers Compensation

OrthoMaryland has an outstanding worker’s compensation program that promotes healing and minimizes disabilities, meeting the health care needs of both injured workers and employers. Our goal is to provide the best orthopaedic care.

To make an independent medical exam appointment with OrthoMaryland please email us at

Using OrthoMaryland will ...

  • provide prompt access to medical evaluation and treatment
  • offer beneficial services to the employee, including the consideration of the employee’s injury as it relates to issues in the work and home environments
  • encourage a timely return to work through education concerning the value of re-establishing a regular work schedule at the earliest possible opportunity. We consider alternative or modified work plans while communicating with employers and/or case managers
  • support your healing process through a practice wide goal of exemplary service with each patient and/or employer‘s contact to our office
  • create effective communication among all parties by proactive case management and provide prompt responses to requests for information
  • encourage safety and prevention measures through ongoing medical contact with the employer’s safety committees

Case managers, insurance companies, attorneys AND patients choose OrthoMaryland because we ...

  • provide board certified, board eligible and/or fellowship trained physicians covering virtually all orthopaedic subspecialties
  • have over 40 years of experience with worker’s compensation cases and IME’s
  • are very responsive to the needs and requests of employers and/or case managers
  • always have timely appointments available
  • provide thorough and prompt evaluations and reports
  • offer convenient locations in Baltimore - Quarry Lake, Lutherville and  Owings Mills
  • To make an independent medical exam appointment with OrthoMaryland please email us at